To ensure an optimal driving experience, it’s important to verify the specifications of your vehicle before choosing a tire. You will find in the driver side door a sticker providing the original tire size, speed rating and the load indicator. It is important to respect this information as closely as possible. To be sure to purchase the right size, there’s no better way than to look on the sidewall of your current tires. Here’s an example of a common size: 205/55/16

The mail-in rebate is an offer from the manufacturer to thank you for choosing their product and is in no way managed by Quattro Tires™. After completing the form under the promotion tab of our website, you should receive a prepaid visa card. Eligibility for a rebate is decided by each manufacturer according to their own set of rules and requirements.

To be lawful in Quebec during the winter season, a tire has to have a pictogram of a snowflake and a mountain. Some all-season tires can be winter approved and will have that pictogram. Every tire on our website, when you select winter, can legally be installed in Quebec. You must have winter tires from at least December 1 st to March 15 th and the tread wear has to be above 3/32th.

The Dot is an alphanumerical sequence that indicates the manufacturer, the country of origin, and even the factory where the tire was made. The sequence also includes the week and year the tires were molded. According to the manufacturers, a tire can be stored for 6 years without losing its structural integrity or affects its chemical composition. Unfortunately, due to our high order volume, it’s not possible to provide the DOT before our shipping process. However, we are committed to providing you with tires that are 5 years and younger. If you receive a tire that is more than 6 years old, we will exchange it free of charge if it has not been installed.

It’s possible to buy a replacement tire with us, but to ensure a great experience, there are a few guidelines. It’s important to buy the same tire if it’s available. If the model is discontinued, you must choose a tire with a similar tread. It has to have the same load and speed rating. If you are driving an all-wheel-drive vehicle, tread wear on the unaffected tire must be less than 2/32 nd from the original measurement. Otherwise, all four tires have to be changed to avoid a negative effect on your differential.

It’s possible to fix a flat tire if the puncture is in the tread and if it’s less than 6mm. If the puncture is close to or on the sidewall, the tire is irreparable and needs to be changed. You should consult an experienced mechanic.

You will find the recommended inflation pressure on the sidewall of the tire. The information is in PSI and must be respected. Failure to properly inflate the tire can cause uneven tread wear, voiding any possible warranty. We also suggest periodically verifying the pressure throughout the season.

Studded tires are a great option for mountainous regions and places with a lot of ice. Studs are small metal beads inserted into grooves in the tire. When you buy a studded tire, the insertion of the beads has been done by a robot at the manufacturer. A studdable tire features the pre-made holes to receive the beads but doesn’t come with it and must be studded in our warehouse by one of our experts. These tires can be used as-is or studs can be manually added. When you choose to add the metal beads to your tires, the shipping delays will be longer. Certain regions of Ontario don’t allow studded tires and in Quebec, they can’t legally be installed before October 15 th and must be taken off before May 1 st .

Over the years, Quattro tires have developed an extensive network of more than 1200 affiliated auto mechanics willing to serve our valued customers. You can ship your order directly to their place of business and have them install it on your vehicle at market price. If you want to use that great feature, you simply have to select ‘’ship to a Quattro Tires affiliated garage’’ at check out. Once you enter your postal code, you will see a list of local garages to choose from. 

When you pick to have your delivery to one of our affiliated garages, the installation is not included. The chosen establishment will charge you the market price to install your new tires or rims. It's our way to promote local mechanics. We suggest to call them before ordering to enquire about the price. 


** Please, take note that our affiliated garages are not pickup points. If you select that option, you must install your tires at that garage**

Finding an affiliated garage is very simple. Once you have selected the tires or rims you want to purchase, simply go to checkout and add your postal code in the middle of the page, then click ‘’ ship to a Quattro Tires affiliated garage’’ Our site will only show affiliated garage close to you. 

At Quattro Tires™ we do our utmost to fulfil and ship your order between 3 to 7 business days. During high demand periods, these delays can be slightly longer. If an additional service, such as studding or installing on rims is requested, the shipping delays will ultimately be longer. You can follow your order throughout the different steps by clicking “track my order’’ on the landing page of our web site.

If a shipping mistake occurred and you didn’t receive the right tires, we apologize, Human error can occur, but please be assured that this situation is involuntary. To rectify the situation as soon as possible, please call our customer service at 1-844-778-2887 from Monday to Friday between 8 am to 6 pm Eastern time.

The strength of Quattro Tires™ is its shipping flexibility. You can choose your home address, your work address, a family member’s address or you can even use one of our 1200 affiliated garages nationwide to receive and install your tires. If you can’t be home during our regular delivery hours, that’s not a problem. When you order, you can indicate a safe place where to leave the tires.

Quattro Tires™ covers a big part of any shipping-related cost for our customers. That’s why shipping is free in most parts of Quebec and Ontario, and the cost is minimal for the Atlantic Provinces and Western Canada. Once your selection of tires is done, you will be asked to enter your postal code and the shipping cost will automatically be calculated.

In the wheels tab, located on the top left corner of our website, you will find a search engine by vehicle. The wheels shown will be according to the information you enter. It’s therefore very important to input the right data. On the following page, the wheels presented are a direct fit and you shouldn’t have any problems installing them.

On top of having an amazing price for your purchase, when you order from Quattro Tires, Inc., the tires will come mounted and balanced on the wheel making the process really simple. You only have to install it on your car. Installation is free but increases the shipping delays. We suggest checking the air pressure to optimize the fuel consumption of your vehicle. 

If your vehicle requires TPMS, the option should be available to you on our website once you have made the rim selection. When you add this option, we will program the sensor to the right frequency and we will install it in your tires. It’s very likely that your vehicle will have to relearn to read the new sensors. Every car has a specific relearning procedure, some requiring a visit to a mechanic, others not.

he seat where the bolts are can compress with the heat of driving, slightly untightening the bolts. It’s therefore very important to tighten them back up after driving 100km on your new rims to avoid unpleasant vibrations and potentially other more serious problems.

We are proud to offer extensive protection against involuntary damage to one of your tires, if it happens in Canada. A green pictogram is shown on our website next to the tires protected under this program. To be eligible, you must buy a set of 4 tires, and the hazard must occur within the first 12 months or the first 2/32 nd of treadwear. Once you notify our client care team, we will reach you by email to ask for a picture of the damage and of the treadwear. Once approved, we will provide you with a replacement tire. You only have to pay for shipping and the eco-fees if your province charges them. Uneven wear of the tire automatically voids the warranty.

If you notice a size mistake on your order, you must call our client care team as soon as possible at 1-844-778-2887. If your tires haven’t left our warehouse, we can do the exchange at no cost. If your order has been given to our transport partner, or if the delivery is completed, you must call our client care team at 1-844-778-2887 and your file will be transferred to our after sales team. A call is then scheduled within 72h. Any price difference between the sizes will be charged or credited.

Quattro Tire, Inc. only sells new tires. We accept returns on uninstalled tires in perfect condition. In certain cases, the shipping fees covered by Quattro Tires are not refundable. This is why we suggest double checking your order before entering your credit card information

If a mistake happened and you didn’t receive the items you ordered, we apologize for it. Sometimes human error can happen, we are working hard to avoid this involuntary situation. To let us know of a problem, please contact our customer care specialist between 8 am and 6 pm Eastern Standard Time at 1-844-778-2887 a n d w e will make things right.