Because our company specialises in tire sales, it is possible for us to have a wider selection of makes and brands at lower prices than conventional garages. Once you have purchased your tires you simply have to get them installed at your local garage.

Because we specialize in tire sales, we not only have a bigger variety but a stronger negotiating power towards our suppliers which allows customers to pay less. In fact even by adding the shipping costs and then paying for your installation which is charged even if you buy at your local garage, you can still save money.

When you buy tires from an automobile garage you generally have to do it over several visits. First of all you will probably compare different makes and models in several automobile garages knowing they do not hold all the different brands. Then you must generally leave a deposit and make an appointment for the installation. All these visits must normally be done between 8h00 am and 5h00 pm during business hours wich is often hard to get away from your own work. offers you the oppourtunatie to shop and compare all the makes and models and there prices. All this can be done in the comfort of your own home 24/7.

The regulation defines tires specifically designed for winter driving as those that meet one of the following criteria prior to December 15 2014: Tires on wich one of the following inscriptions appear: Alaska, Arctic, A/T or AT, AT/S, AT-S, Blizzard, Cresta, Ice, INSA T1, INSA T2, INSA TT770, LT, Nordic, Snow (but not mud and snow), Stud, Studdable, Studded, Studless, TS, Ultra Grip, Ultratraction or Winter, or the icon representing a mountain with a superimposed snowflake. Tires that are equipped with studs and used in accordance with the regulation respecting the use of non-skid devices on the tires of certain road vehicles. Starting on December 15 2014, tires will have to bear the icon or be equipped with studs and be used in accordance with the regulation respecting the use of non-skid devices on the tires of certain road vehicles. Further more during the period from December 15th till Marsh 15th, the owner of a taxi or a passenger vehicle including motorized scooters and motorcycles, must be equipped with winter tires this applies for rental vehicles to.

How do I Know how much shipping will cost?
What are the shipping delays?

All your personal information is entirely secured by PayPal. PayPal uses state of the art technologies and data encryption coding to assure the safety of your information and therefore your transaction. In fact thanks to this system, Quattro Tires never has access to your banking information such as credit card numbers.

All though we have access to some of your information such as: name, first name, civic address, postal code, etc… and need this information to process and ship the order, Quattro Tires is never in procession of your banking information such as credit card numbers. This type of information is protected by PayPal. Finally even though we use certain cookies, this information is only used to understand the navigational needs and preferences of our customers and is used to increase the quality of our service.

Quattro Tires puts to your disposal a whole section in which we explain how to well interpret the information that can be found on your tires. The must important information you need to identify is the tread width, the profile and the diameter and then start your research. Ex: 195/65R15.

It is very important to identify the appropriate tire size for your vehicle, all though if you happen to make a mistake, it is possible to exchange the tires after paying an additional transactional fee and shipping fee.

If you believe you will not be present to confirm the reception of the merchandise ordered, it is important to contact us as soon as possible. Quattro tires offers customers a variety of shipping solutions to accommodate the customer as best we can. For more information on the different shipping solutions, refer to the section shipping in the section Buying and shipping procedures.

All though it is the customers responsibility to order the right tire which will be compatible with the vehicle it is ordered for. If the customer receives the wrong tires and it is a mistake from our part we will exchange and ship the right tires with no additional surcharge.

Certain shipping areas are more expansive than others du to the fact that they are potentially further and less accessible. If you enter your shipping postal code in our automated shipping system and your postal code is not detected, you must contact us and a sales representative will determine with you the conditions and the shipping costs.

Quattro Tires offers customers several different ways to research the right type of tire for the right driving style. First of all you can search by size by entering the tread width, the profile and the diameter of the tires needed on the homepage of the website. Customers can also search by make or brand by selecting the appropriate brand among those we have; again on the homepage. Finally customers may search by key word the make and model their looking for by typing in key words on the upper right side of the homepage.

All though shipping costs are never very expensive do to the fact that we absorb part of these costs there is a slight surcharge to ship one tire.

Quattro Tires has a wide selection of rims. It is possible for customers to purchase a set of four tires pre-mounted on the rims. Quattro tires offers this service for 39.99$ which includes mounting and balancing of the tires. This type of transaction must be done over the phone do to its higher degree of complexity.

All tires have indicators between the tread to now when the tires need to be changed. When the tread on the tires is warn down to those indicators or when the depth of the thread is only 3/32 of an inch the tires must be replaced.