Rotalla S110 Winter tire

235/75R15 - 105S


235/75R15 - 105S

  • Circomferential grooves that allow better snow evacuation.
  • Unbeatable price and value.
  • Circomferential grooves that allow better snow evacuation.
  • Unbeatable price and value.
The winter tire S110 from Rotalla offers performance, value and quality in an attractive design. The Rotalla S110 provides outstanding traction and handling in all winter conditions without compromising looks, handling and durability all this at an unbeatable price.


Manufacturer Rotalla
Studdable No
Season Winter
Product code S1102357515
Tire width 235
Tire profile 75
Tire diameter 15
Load index 105
Speed rating S
Runflat No
Reinforced No
Extra Load No
Runflat No
Reinforced No
Extra Load No


SKU Dimension Code UTQG Price Stock
15" inches
S1101855515 185/55R15 - 82H 82H 66.12$ Select
S1101955515 195/55R15 - 85H 85H 66.23$ Select
S1102056015 205/60R15 - 91H 91H 75.66$ Select
S1102157015 215/70R15 - 98S 98S 87.40$ Select
S1102357515 235/75R15 - 105S 105S 100.13$ Select
16" inches
S1101955516 195/55R16 - 87H 87H 69.95$ Select
S1102156016 215/60R16 XL - 95T 95T 75.95$ Select
S1102256016 225/60R16 - 98H 98H 85.24$ Select
14" inches
S1101656514 165/65R14 - 79T 79T 53.28$ Contact Us
S1101756514 175/65R14 XL - 86T 86T 57.36$ Contact Us
S1101856014 185/60R14 - 82H 82H 61.12$ Contact Us
S1101757014 175/70R14 XL - 88T 88T 59.44$ Contact Us
S1101857014 185/70R14 - 88T 88T 65.46$ Contact Us
S1101957014 195/70R14 - 91T 91T 67.29$ Contact Us
15" inches
S1101756515 175/65R15 - 84T 84T 62.30$ Contact Us
S1101856015 185/60R15 - 84T 84T 63.58$ Contact Us
S1101856515 185/65R15 XL - 92T 92T 69.29$ Contact Us
S1101956515 195/65R15 XL - 95T 95T 69.35$ Contact Us
S1102057015 205/70R15 - 96S 96S 75.44$ Contact Us
16" inches
S1102056016 205/60R16 - 92H 92H 76.92$ Contact Us
S1102156516 215/65R16 - 98T 98T 88.99$ Contact Us

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